Women’s Health launches Secret Sweats at SWEAT 1000 BluBird

Women’s Health Secret Sweats are global events that offer intimate, exclusive fitness sessions held at different venues around the world. So it was pretty cool that SWEAT 1000 was chosen to be SA’s inaugural event.

Jo’burgs’ fitsters flocked to SWEAT 1000 Blubird to get their endorphins cracking to SWEAT’s high-intensity 60 minute workout, which was lead by tag team, Andrew and Paul Rothchild together with DJ JungleGum, SWEAT 1000’s resident DJ.

Secret Sweats have been coined the feel good movement of 2018 and this is how it works – ticket holders receive an email 72 hours before the Secret Sweat event, which reveals all the exciting details of the location, the vibe and the trainers.