SWEAT stands for Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training with the 1000 representing calories burned in a ground breaking 1 hour workout. Integrating the components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training it is the result of taking everything that is the highest level of physical training and putting it into a 1 hour dynamic, action packed class that is different every single time. Always changing the dynamics of the class, alleviating the boredom factor and never allowing people to know what they are going to get.

SWEAT 1000® workouts are continually developing. We make sure that we are always up to date with world fitness trends, thereby ensuring that we always have the latest fitness products in our classes. We have specifically chosen the FreeMotion Incline Trainer as our choice of treadmill. This treadmill is different from the other treadmills on the market in that it inclines to 30 degrees as opposed to the conventional 15 degrees. Studies have shown that walking on incline above 18 degrees burns 3 times more calories from fat than running on a zero degree incline. The concept has evolved incredibly since its inception and now includes live DJ’s, specially mixed SWEAT 1000 Re-mixes by local and international DJ’s, Laser and Disco Lighting & the continual implementation of the latest functional equipment at SWEAT 1000® Studios Nationwide.

SWEAT 1000® concept is unique in that it offers treadmill users the ability to have a great workout, in a class environment. SWEAT 1000® caters to all fitness levels. In order to accommodate all these levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced on the incline trainer we use the terms walker, jogger, and runner respectively.

SWEAT 1000® is the best full body workout that you will ever experience and is guaranteed to help you achieve your best body ever. Satisfied clients from across the country and around the world are raving about what one can only describe as the Ultimate Workout. The results that people have achieved from losing weight to increasing their fitness levels have revolutionised group training. SWEAT 1000® has been featured on numerous TV shows and in virtually every national publication. Clients include well-known TV stars, EFC Fighters, Springbok Rugby Players, International Football Players, Victoria Secrets Models, Sports Illustrated Models as well as individuals just looking to transform their bodies and improve their way of life.

There are no Joining Fees, contracts or memberships thus eliminating any barriers to entry. Clients only pay for the classes that they participate in. All bookings are made on-line through our Easy to Use Software solution.

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